Why a Good Mentor Will Improve Your Career

Wednesday 19 March, 2014

Why a Good Mentor Will Improve Your Career


Do you ever find yourself working hard, doing long hours, and exceeding expectations to no avail? If you’ve been fighting for something in the workplace – whether it’s a promotion, a change in the organisational structure or even if you’re simply seeking recognition but no one is listening, it might be time to consider finding a mentor.

Simply put, a mentor is an advisor who is there to help you through your career. A great mentor will motivate, inspire and teach. Their experience in life and work is something they can share to encourage and help you overcome obstacles that often trap beginners.

Learning from their real-life experiences in the field can be a huge advantage to your professional and personal life. They will offer their personal tips for tackling challenges in the workplace and decision-making. Mentors and their wealth of knowledge will be far more useful than generic advice columns on the web because they know you.

More specifically though, here are nine ways a mentor will help you improve your career prospects: 

  1. They give you new perspective on your future
  2. They help you assess your strengths and weaknesses
  3. Help you understand your career path
  4. Debrief you when things go wrong
  5. Teach you to make better decisions
  6. Help you develop career and life skills
  7. Open doors for you with their contact
  8. Listen when no one else will
  9. rovide you with insights that are different to your own

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