Which Australian city has the most frustrated drivers?

Monday 29 July, 2013

Bumper-to-bumper traffic, persistent lane changers, horn beepers and slow street sweepers - just some of the usual annoyances for Australia's 9 million commuters who drive to work on a daily basis.

But are some drivers getting more frustrated than others?

Image Image source: confessionsofapsychotichousewife.com

A survey of commuters across five Australian cities (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth) has revealed that Sydney is the most 'painful' and stressful commuting city. The Commuter Pain Index ranked Sydney at 40, ahead of Brisbane (34), Melbourne (32), Adelaide (22) and Perth (19).

And if you're a Sydney-sider who needs a large latte and a massage before even walking into your workplace's lift doors, think of some of our friends overseas. The Commuter Pain Index for Beijing is a staggering 99! The same figures have been recorded for Mexico City and Johannesburg.

Who should we target our frustrations at? Should the government ensure that the roads are more accommodating for Australia's growing cities? Should there be more bike lanes? Or should we take our own frustrations and try and fix the problem ourselves by car-pooling or using public transport? Let OneShift know!









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