What's the most popular chocolate to munch on at work?

Monday 23 September, 2013
Do you get the mid-afternoon sugar cravings whilst at work? Is your sugar fuel of choice chocolate? If so, which one? New research has revealed that out of all the chocolate bars available on Australia's supermarket shelves, the oldest chocolate bar, which dates back to 1924, the cherry ripe is Australia's first choice. Cadbury Dairy Milk 50g blocks and Mars Bars are not far behind at nine percent and eight percent respectively. And if you are one to break into a chocolate bar whilst working, you might not be doing your waste line any favours but you'll be helping your employer and business. Some studies have shown that chocolate can help boost productivity. In effect, any ingredients you eat enter your blood stream and flow to the brain. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that increase the production of endorphins which can enhance focus and concentration. Meanwhile, for those milk chocolate lovers, by eating a Milkyway or Marsbar, you can enhance and quicken your reaction time and improve your verbal and visual memory. What do you snack on at work? Do you take the healthy option or the sweet option? Let OneShift know! Image Image source: wikipedia.com
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