What NOT to do when hiring a Chef for your Catering company

Monday 28 September, 2015

Chefs are the soul of your kitchen. They have final say over presentation, creativity and formulating the menu. But when it comes to finding the next one top Chef for your catering company, they are real diamonds in the rough! We had the pleasure of interviewing top Chef Thomas Rozant who has worked in several of Sydney’s top restaurants and is currently Sous Chef at 5-star hotel Cap Est in Martinique, France.


Prior to this he put his Chef skills to practice with Rockpool where he helped to boost their ranking in the Top Restaurants in Australia from double figures to 2nd place. Shortly after leaving, Rockpool bagged the title of THE best restaurant in Australia.


He has cooked with some of the best Chefs in Australia and across the globe, including Neil Perry, Guillaume Brahimi, Peter Guilmore, Martin Benn, and Ben Shewry. He has prepared food for various prestigious names including Thomas Keller, Renee Redzepi, Luis Aduriz from Mugaritz, and Grant Achatz – to name but a few.


And when it comes to the challenges Chefs face from recruiters and hospitality employers looking to hire them, Rozant is an expert! 

One problem Chefs face when looking for their next role is finding a business that has the same enormous passion for food and being creative with it as him/her. So be sure to bolster up reference to passion on your job advertisement for the role. 


“You can’t expect great quality at a bargain”


Hospitality Managers and recruiters often complain about there “not being enough Chefs in Australia” and the calibre of Chefs that apply for their roles being sub-standard. However, great quality requires a great salary package, so up the offer and watch the quality of Chefs that apply to your job roles shoot up. Pay a lower salary and expect lower quality.


“It’s not just about the food”


Culture is crucial in any company! And in the kitchen environment this couldn’t be more true. The crowd in your catering company cover shifts with anti-social hours together, day-in-day-out, for hours on end. In which case new Chefs need to be happy with the culture especially for when personalities clash and the high-pressure, fast-paced service hour hits.  


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