What makes OneShift so special?

Tuesday 15 January, 2013
Our features! Almost every week we are working on new features to make OneShift a little more savvy and user friendly. Some of our features include:
  • Profile pictures - so an employer knows exactly who they're hiring
  • Video introductions - recorded by a job seeker, the video introduction is a quick snapshot of what type of work a seeker is looking for and what specific experience they have
  • Unique matching system - a job seeker is matched to a position based on their availability, location and skills
  • Instant messaging and live chat - if you think a job seeker is perfect for the role, get into contact with them instantly
  • Pay on performance - a business can sign-up and post jobs for free. They can also review all their matches without cost. If a business wishes to speak with a job seeker, there's a small, one-off fee.
We're working on improving the site every day so if you have any suggestions, please send your thoughts our way!
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