What Every Job Seeker Needs to Do this Christmas

Tuesday 17 December, 2013
The practice of searching for a job can seem like a career in its own right. You spend hours in from of a screen to find matching jobs, revising your résumé, writing a cover letters and sending off applications. If you're not in front of your screen you're out interview hopping. During the festive season, while everyone else is doing everything in their power to forget about work, you're too busy stressing about getting hired, when in fact, this is the perfect opportunity to step back from the business world and take a well-deserved break! Here are some things to consider before deciding to dedicated the holiday season to your desire to get back into the workforce:

Time to take a break

Often, while we're job seeking, we feel too stressed and overwhelmed to rest or slow down in case we miss out on an opportunity. This rule can go out the door at Christmas time. It's quiet and not many people will be posting jobs around this time. You'd be better off enjoying the break so you're fresh and ready to take on the world in 2014. Image Photo Credit: zeeland.blog.nl

Remember everyone else is reconsidering careers

Having a break gives people the opportunity to reconsider, reflect on the role and the year to date. It allows people to assess how they feel about their current situation. Many will decide to move on and more opportunities will open up. Since you've already thought about all this, you'll be one step ahead in the New Year. Image Photo Credit: redcaperevolution.com/

Clarify and re-focus

Enjoying some time with family and friends is the best way to put things back into perspective after the disappointment and stress that comes with unemployment. It's important to clear your mind and find the right focus for your energy. Image Photo Credit: fitneass.com

Keep networking

While everyone is spending time socializing over the holidays, people tend to forget about the whole networking craze we obsess over during the year. But you shouldn't! Who knows what your cousin's new partner does for work, or what board he or she might be sitting on. Image Photo Credit: ttgdigital.com

Do things you like

Now that you have the opportunity to distance yourself from the job hunting, it's the perfect time to put down the business-type books (trade magazines, the business section of the newspaper, etc.) and pick up some good fiction, or just some light reading you've been wanting to get around to for a while. You'll be kicking yourself if you don't make the most of this potential free time! Image Photo Credit: theguardian.com How will you be looking for work over the Christmas break? Tell OneShift today!
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