We’re one of Australia’s coolest companies for innovation. Fact!

Monday 7 December, 2015


We’re cool. It’s official. We’re not being arrogant, nor are we biased. We’re just going by what Anthill Magazine labelled us as in the Innovation category at the 2015 ‘Australia Cool Company Awards’. *(Brushes shoulder).


Anthill gave us an honorary mention for the Innovation category, just one of the total 11 categories in total including ‘Global growth’, ‘Social Capitalist’ and ‘Mobile Business’.


Announcements were made at the “gansta”-themed 10th annual award ceremony last Thursday (3rd December) where Blamey Saunders Hears walked away with the title of Anthill’s “Coolest Company 2015”. Blamey Saunders Hears specialises in helping those with hearing difficulties, and has just launched it’s IHearU program which enables people who are hard-of-hearing to tune their own devices using a laptop or mobile phone.


What makes a company “cool” you ask?


Anthill Founder James Tuckerman ranks “cool” companies are “remarkable” companies, i.e. companies that are worthy of being talked about. Tuckerman stated, “What sets cool companies apart is that they are, by their very nature, worthy of being ‘remarked’ about.”


And unlike the Mean Girls movie, you can still sit with us.


See which other 'cool companies' were shortlisted at http://anthillonline.com/straight-outta-anthill-australias-coolest-companies-2015/ 


Heather Doherty


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