Weird Things People Do While Sleepwalking

Thursday 2 October, 2014

Weird Things People Do While Sleepwalking



When I was young, around eight years old, I was living in a four-story terrace with my family, with the bedrooms on the bottom floor. For some reason, I was always having trouble with the front door, I could never figure out how to unlock it. Too complicated for my younger self, I suppose. Anyway, one night I found myself waking up in the back seat of my mum’s car. I had not only walked up four flights of stairs, and not only managed to somehow grab the car keys on my way up, but also mysteriously unlocked the front door and made my way outside into the wilderness (i.e. my mums land cruiser)...all while I was asleep. Naturally, I freaked. All logical thinking was out the window and I didn’t just go back inside through the now open front door (because I was rude and had left it unlocked), but instead banged on the door and screamed my head off until my worried mother came to my rescue.


To me, this is a horror story. Doing things in your sleep that you are not consciously aware of is a terrifying concept to me. Not surprisingly to you, however, my sleepwalking story is nothing compared to some.


 1. 15 year-old found asleep on top of 13 story crane


Well, that title pretty much gave it away I guess. In England, a fireman thought he was attending a suicide attempt only to realise that the girl on top of inactive crane was still asleep. Not wanting to wake her incase she fell off, he found her phone and got her parents to call her.


 2. James Currens


He had been sleepwalking for many years but when he was 77 years old, Currens had his worst experience yet. He was up and out of bed, grabbed the cane and walked straight into a nearby pond. This is pretty scary, especially since he became stuck in the mud and was unable to climb out. Worse yet, he became surrounded by alligators. While screaming to neighbours, he used his cane to fend them off before police were able to scare the alligators away with lights.


 3. Four year-old sleep walks to nearby town


Just last week in Norway, this young girl was found in only her underwear and boots 5km from her home. When police rang her aunt, who was looking after her, she didn’t even realise she was missing. The girl recalled having a dream that her house was on fire and needed to escape, but did not remember sleepwalking.


4. Bizkit The Dog


If you want to watch one of my all time favourite Youtube videos of a labrador running in her sleep, click the link above. Trust me, you won't regret it.


Photo: EverydayHealth



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