Ways To Save!

Wednesday 25 June, 2014


Money does indeed make the world go around. Everyone wants more of it and no one can have enough. No matter if you’re a student working part time, or in your 50’s and trying to save for retirement, there are some simple ways to get some extra money in your pocket and put a smile on your face! 


Now. There are a million ways to save a little cash on the side, such as not buying a coffee everyday and avoiding expensive restaurants when you meet with friends. But if you’re anything like me, sometimes you like to treat yourself and splurge a little on occasion. I’m all for it.

But here are some tips that effect your regular spendings, simple and effective:


  1.      Create A Budget

Making a budget will help you understand how much you are actually allowed to spend. The trick is to make it realistic. Take into account your earnings, your monthly bills, food, travel etc. There are even a bunch of apps that do it for you…or you could just…you know, write it on a piece of paper.


  1.      Groceries

This is a big money cruncher! There are heaps of ways you can save while doing your groceries…you can buy in bulk (it will seem like more money at the time but you will save in the long run), or buy cheaper brands on ingredients that won’t differ too much (butter, rice, milk...). And trust me, never ever ever go the supermarket when you’re hungry.


Another thing? Make your own lunch for work. If you spend $10 at lunch everyday for the entire year, it will set you back $2, 400. So, take your own sandwich and put that money in your savings account. It will save you money and no doubt save you some kilos too.


  1.      Travel

Another daily cost is travelling to work. Try to figure out ways to minimize this spend…do you have colleagues that live near by with whom you can carpool with? Personally, I have started walking to work. It saves me spending money on the bus and plus I get some extra exercise in my day! Perhaps instead of driving to the station, you could ride a bike? There are countless ways to reduce cost when it comes to transport.


  1.      Household Costs

Since moving to my new place, I have gone energy efficient crazy. Any chance I get, I will be turning off everything at the power point. Whenever I’m not using my TV or the wireless Internet or even the kettle…it gets switched off. Things like the dryer…I never use it. I always hang my clothes out to dry. Especially when going to bed or going away for a few days, make an effort to make sure everything has been switched off. It all helps!


If you are a big saver, OneShift want to know what you spend it on. Let us know via Facebook: OneShiftJobs! 

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