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Friday 26 July, 2013

Would you pick your university course based on the future salary?

The world of university is divided between two '“ those who study for a job with a big salary and those who study because they have an interest and a passion in the industry in which they are investing their time and money into. And of course, there are those who study because they just love to study ... one degree after the next.

If you fall into the first category or, if you're beginning to think about enrolling into a particular course, then you might want to check out this list of the best starting salaries for Australian bachelor degree graduates from 2008-12.

  1. Dentistry - $80,000
  2. Optometry - $79,000
  3. Earth sciences - $73,000
  4. Engineering - $63,000
  5. Medicine - $60,000
  6. Education - $56,000
  7. Mathematics '“  $57,000 (salary in 2012 higher then the previous four years)
  8. Computer science - $52,500 (salary in 2012 higher then the previous four years)
  9. Law - $53,000
  10. Pharmaceutical studies - $52,000
Image source: telegraph.co.uk Image source: telegraph.co.uk

Let OneShift know your thoughts. Is it more important to love your job or to love the money? Or, can you have it both ways and how?


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