Turning Casual Christmas Holiday Jobs Into Permanent Roles

Monday 9 December, 2013
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The National Retail Federation forecasts that retailers will hire between 720, 000 and 780, 000 seasonal workers over the Christmas holiday season so OneShift have put together a 6 Step Guide on how to turn a holiday job into a secure role for casual staff with a view to permanent employment.

As the holiday season looms closer, the pressure on small businesses to find quality staff increases. Whatever the nature of the business, if sales spike during this time of year, it means accommodating the sudden increase in activity with the right number of part-time workers.

In the hospitality and retail industries, which stay open for business throughout most of the Christmas break and thrive around this time of year, it is particularly important to find employees that are going to be happy to do seasonal work and to do it well.

The National Retail Federation forecasts that US retailers will hire between 720,000 and 780,000 seasonal workers over the holiday season. For job seekers, this would be a time to rejoice if it weren't for the insecurities looming over seasonal employment and the recruitment of 'Christmas casuals'. The topic has gained momentum in recent months because of its association with the unemployment rate, which currently stands at 5.7 percent in Australia. Economists have gone as far as to say that the figure would have exceeded 6'‰per cent without the surge in part-time jobs and a fall in the number of people seeking work.

In order to assist the expected 780,000 Christmas casuals this festive season find longer-term empolyment, OneShift have put together the following guide to help casual employees secure a permanent position once the holidays are over:

1. Make Intentions Clear Up Front

If  looking for permanent work, the holiday casual should ask the employer right at the start if the company is hiring and discuss what possibilities lie ahead.  Management will keep this in mind during their planning process.

2. Show Enthusiasm

Attitude is critical. Employees need to show that they can handle the worst of it andnd the Christmas period (especially in retail) is the worst of it. If they can exercise a positive and helpful attitude during the busiest of days, it will show that they're an asset to the business. 

3. Go Above and Beyond Expectations

Exceed expectations. By asking for more challenges and giving the manager 110% at all times casual staff can show how dedicated they are to the task at hand. That way, they will not only get noticed, but will be noticed for the best of reasons. It's a sure-fire way to stand out above the rest of the seasonal team. 

4. Build Relationships

Make an effort to leave an impression not only with the managerial staff but also with other team member because the opinions and recommendations of the people involved with the business says more than any résumé or LinkedIn profile ever will.

5. Be Reliable

This one should go without saying. Temps that are late, or even worse, call in sick when their team is counting on them, can kiss that dream of paid annual leave goodbye. Nothing shows a lack of interest in the job quite like the indecisiveness this shows. Stay punctual, consistent and never fail to complete the tasks handed out.

6. BeThere For The Long-Haul

Treat the temporary position as a permanent job. While casuals are probably not expected to do much more than fill in the gaps in operations, if they act like they're looking ahead to the future of the business by being proactive, planning and showing initiative, then supervisors and managers will envision them as one of their own. This shows commitment to the company and is crucial in safeguarding something long-term.

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