Top ten worst paying jobs for Gen Y

Sunday 7 July, 2013
Love Bondi beach and want to be a lifeguard? Dream of being a barista in a quiet country town? We know that Gen Y thinks that money is important, OneShift takes a look at Australia's lowest paying jobs for Generation Y, put together by Payscale worst paid jobs Image source: Payscale  Methodology Survey sample of 500,000 Gen Y workers. This sample was collected July 2011 - July 2012. The age range we used to define Gen Y workers was 19 to 29 (birth years: 1982-1993) Unfortunately, many of these jobs are what young people without tertiary qualifications or high-end skills gravitate towards. It's important to know that if you really want to make a future in any one of these industries, than you need to understand how you can drive competition within the business by up-skilling yourself. For example, if you want to perfect the art of making coffee, why don't you also help the business by creating a blog and posting photos online of your latte designs? Or you can help bake biscuits and muffins for the business during the quiet times. It's all about ensuring that your employer sees your value to the business and making sure they realise why you're an invaluable employee. Let OneShift know how important money is to you.
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