Top 8 Industries in Australia

Thursday 10 July, 2014



Here they are, the top 8 industries that dominate the Australian workforce. To give you a bit of perspective, there are 19 industries recognized in total, and these top 8 account for a huge 68.7% of all workers in Australia!

Did you know that one of the industries is actually called 'Other Services'? Yep. Your favourite hair dresser that styles it just how you like it, the lovely girl who does your nails, even your local mechanic bloke are all categorised under 'Other'. For all you 'others' out there, we appreciate you!


Moving the Top 8!



  1.      Public Administration & Safety (6.6%)


The industry that gives us parking fines, kicks us out of bars & generally keeps us in order. We love to hate them & hate to love them. But where would we be without them?


Fun Fact: The most popular occupation within this sector is Policing.



  1.      Accommodation & Food Services (6.7%)


Thank god for our waiters, our bartenders & our chefs for keeping our bellies happy and round! I know I’d be a much grumpier and healthier person without them.


Interesting Note: You are more likely to be employed part time than full time in this industry.


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  1.      Education & Training (7.7%)


Fun Fact: This industry has the highest percentage of workers with a higher qualification such as a bachelor degree.


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  1.      Professional, Scientific & Technical Services (7.7%)


This sector covers a range of occupations from legal services to veterinary services all the way to graphic design. The majority of workers are qualified with either a bachelor degree or a higher education.


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  1.      Manufacturing (8%)


Fun Fact: 73% of the Manufacturing Workforce is male.


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  1.      Construction (8.9%)


I’m sure I’m not the only one that notices four tradies standing around a construction site staring at each other wondering when they will actually begin work. Then, before you know it, it’s smoke break!


In all seriousness, this is one of the most labour intensive industries that we have to offer. Which makes my fun fact not really that fun but self-explanatory.


Fun Fact: This industry has a younger workforce than any other industry’s average.


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  1.      Retail (11%)


With jobs throughout all regions and available to all age groups, it’s no wonder retail is one of the largest industries! Over half of those employed under this sector are sales assistants!


Did you know? Half of the jobs in the retail industry are part time! This makes it an ideal place to enter the workforce.


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  1.      Health Care & Social Assistance (12.1%)


This is Australia’s largest industry, employing anyone in the medical sphere including nurses, doctors, carers & even medical receptionists.


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