Top 6 Travel Destinations for Students

Tuesday 14 October, 2014

Top 6 Travel Destinations for Students



Top 6 Travel Destinations for Students

Places To Visit On A Budget...


Students are known for their stingy spending and tight budgets. I know, I've been there. In fact, the student mindset (well, I've personally found) continues to creep into my daily life. I find myself spending 10 minutes deciding which coconut milk to buy (do I buy the homebrand for 79c or look like an healthy hippy and splurge on the organic stuff that no doubt contains the exact same product?). Even though I've sadly left the student life behind me, it continues to follow me in my footsteps. And I've noticed my friends are doing the same! One such friend of mine refuses to buy herself an Opal card. Her argument..."why would I buy an adult Opal card when I can still buy student paper tickets?" (No, she's not a student).


The mindset is more relevant than ever in travel. We all want it and we want it cheap. So I've compiled a small list of absolutely stunning travel destinations that are kind to your wallet (more so than other places, anyway). 


6. India


Ok, I've never been myself. I've had many friends travel to this buzzing cultural hub and I can only assume that India is an experience like no other. For starters, it is the second most populated country in the world. If you want a truly life changing journey - this is it.


Photo (top): ThroughThe LiquorGlass


5. New Zealand


 Top 6 Travel Destinations for Students! Number 5: New Zealand

Photo: PassionPassport


How have I lived in Australia my entire life, travelled to all parts of the globe and never visited New Zealand? Yes, I'm a terrible human being. This stunner is on the top of my travel bucket list for the coming summer months and I can't wait! There is so much adventure to be had in this beautiful spot. Whether you love skiing or snow boarding, hiking, and of course the legendary New Zealand bungy jumps! It's so close to home...unless you live in Perth. 


4. Indonesia


 Top 6 Travel Destinations for Students! Number 4: Indonesia

Photo: Tumblr


Ok, students might not be able to afford this gorgeous resort but you get the idea. Bali isn't the only destination that Indonesia has to offer!


3. Vietnam


 Top 6 Travel Destinations for Students! Number 3: Vietnam

Photo: TwoFeetForward


Think of all the delicious food and cool mopeds you can ride around?! Yes, please! 


2. The Philippines


 Top 6 Travel Destinations for Students! Number 2: The Philippines

Photo: Tumblr


Why do the Philippines always get looked over? This image alone makes me want to book a flight. You can get some crazy cheap deals on flights! Think of all the Instagram photos you could take in this beauty! O-M-G #nofilter #jks


1. Greek Islands


Top 6 Travel Destinations for Students! Number 1: The Greek Islands 

Photo: Swide


It may be far away, but it's worth the flight. There is so much Island Hopping and food eating to be done in the beautiful part of the world! Greece is surprisingly cheap due to their economic downturn, but you'd be doing them a favour by buying into their booming tourist industry!

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