Top 5 Regions In The World You Should Travel in 2015

Tuesday 21 October, 2014


 Lonely Planet Top 5 Regions to Visit in 2015: Gallipoli



Lonely Planet's Top 5 Regions To Travel 2015!


Each of these places have something exciting in store for 2015 that will make them sore to the top of your travel list for next year! Get your hiking boots out, these regions aren't your average travel destinations.


1. Gallipoli 


This peninsula of Turkey is famous in Australia and New Zealand for it’s role in the First World War. 2015 will be the 100th anniversary of ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) troops landing in Gallipoli, which will no doubt see thousands flock to the peninsula during April of next year. 


Source: CrackTwo


2. Rocky Mountain National Park


Lonely Planet Top 5 Regions to visit in 2015: Rocky Mountain National Park

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In 2015, the Rocky Mountain National Park is also celebrating it’s Centennial. The 415 square miles is situated in Colorado, USA. It encompasses an incredible mountain range, beautiful lakes and 355 miles of hiking trails. Not to mention the glorious flora and fauna! To celebrate it’s 100-year birthday, 2015 will be an incredible year to visit the National Park with concerts, parades, and exhibitions to be expected.


3. Toledo


Lonely Planet's Top 5 Regions To Visit in 2015: Toledo

 Source: NationalGeographic


Toledo is a district in Belize known for its adventure travel. Filled with rainforests, rivers, mountain ranges and caves, this is a top spot for those looking for something different. Once a small area different to get to, a new road currently in the making will change all that. It will connect Toledo’s small villages with Guatemala and the world.


4. Tasmania


Lonely Planet's Top 5 Regions To Visit in 2015: Tasmania

 Source: JarrodCastaing


Woohoo! Australia made the list! And what a great pick, lonely planet! Tasmania is often forgotten about, but what a beautiful part of the world it is. Next year will see the walking adventures of Tasmania grow even more, with 35km of redeveloped walking track linking Denmans Cove with Cape Hauy. Ok so that doesn’t sound very exciting, but apparently it’s one of the largest projects of its kind!


5. Arctic Norway


Lonely Planet's Top 5 Regions to Visit in 2015: Arctic Norway

 Source: ArcticLightPhoto


Known for the incredible Northern Lights, but this isn’t why it’s made the list. March 2015 will see all light completely disappear for a few minutes when the moon blocks out the sun.



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