Top 5 qualities to look for when hiring

Wednesday 17 June, 2015



Whether you are expanding or replacing, hiring should be an exciting time. It’s a time to bring on new talent, to teach, and to welcome in new ideas and new ways of thinking. And best of all, you have the power of choosing the cream of the crop.

But you are not a hiring professional? Not a problem.

Smart recruiting, is about candidate quality, not quantity.

We have listed the top 5 things to look for in a candidate to help you hire like a pro:  


1. Leadership

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook, famously said “I will only hire someone to work directly for me if I would work for that person”. In a pool of prospective employees pick out the leader, the one you would be happy to work for. We expect our employer to be decisive, have initiative and use it, to not be afraid to volunteer for assignments, and at all costs avoid excuses. Employees should have the same values.

 Pick the person who will take charge of achieving company goals, is not afraid to ask questions and will push themselves to do so. 


2. Intelligence 

Numerous studies have shown that 76% of the productivity and contribution of an employee is determined by his or her level of intelligence. In the sense of hiring, intelligence is the ability to plan, organize, prioritise, solve problems, and to get the job done. Curiosity is a huge marker of intelligence; keep an ear out for those who ask questions and don’t settle for black and white but are curious about the grey areas. 

Pick the person who has the practical ability to deal with the day-to-day challenges of the job.


3. Competence

Competency is the ability to get the job done. Put experience, qualifications and amicability to one side and ask yourself, “Will this person get the job done?”. That is why you are hiring after all.

Pick the person who can separate the relevant from the irrelevant tasks, and have the drive and focus to complete the task at hand.


4. Culture fit

Culture is almost a business trend these days. Every company has one, every company works to improve it. A happy team creates a healthy working environment, which means top-quality work output. Teamwork and strong internal communications are the key to business success.

 Pick the person who is co-operative, can communicate efficiently, and are a good fit for the work family.


5. Integrity

Finally, integrity! Integrity is one of the most crucial qualities needed for long-term success in life and at work. Is this person being honest about what he or she wants from the job and from the company? Can the person admit to their strengths and weaknesses - and do so honestly? Not supply you with the, “My biggest weakness is that I don’t have any weaknesses’ spiel.

 Pick the person with more loyalty than a Golden Labrador, and has integrity about themselves and their long-term plans within the company.


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 Heather Doherty

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