Top 4 Apps for Entrepreneurs

Friday 27 June, 2014

No matter who you are, people are steadily becoming more reliant on technology. I know a whole two people in my life that don’t have a Facebook profile (excluding the seniors). I don’t remember the last time I went an entire 24 hours without visiting social media, and if I did, it was no doubt due to reception issues. I have actually read articles on people feeling like moments in their life didnt happen unless they make it known online (I know...tragedy). This isn’t just me; the virus is spreading worldwide.


We no longer use our phones to connect with our friends; it is becoming a tool to keep us entertained, organised & prepared. And when it comes to business, it means business. If you are an aspiring or even an accomplished Entrepreneur, these are the Top Four Apps that will help you along your busy, winding way…




As a young and budding Entrepreneur, you are often on the go. You are skipping across town for meetings, having rushed lunch dates and always thinking about what’s next. Enter Evernote. This app is here to keep you on the ball and organised. It’s for those tiny notes that you are always jotting down and are always losing, to record yourself when you can’t be bothered to type, for to-do lists and the list goes on. Organisation is key in business and you can’t always do it alone.




This app is great if you want to keep all your travel details in the one spot. Flights, accommodation, restaurant bookings – anything that you’ve booked for your trip can be forwarded to TripIt and boom: you’ve got an itinerary.




No doubt you are constantly reading articles and papers, whether it’s for leisure or you’re keeping an eye on the global market. But you don’t always have the time! So save the articles to InstaPaper for later reading. It stores them all in the one place for simplicity!




Take your work wherever you go! I know it sounds horrible, but sometimes it’s just necessary. Dropbox app allows you to access all your files from your phone! Convenience factor? Ten. 


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