Top 3 trending jobs in around 10,000 job applications

Monday 15 June, 2015


The results are in! Yes, we can reveal the 5 most common jobs our candidates applied for last week. Of 9,776 jobs applied for last week the top hot roles were quite the mixed bag.


  1. Warehousing – they don’t get left on the Warehouse shelf


A Warehousing job was the biggest trending job last week and bagged the number one spot. Can you handle a forklift truck better than Louis Hamilton in a ferrari? Warehousing is a hands-on role, and covers more than just packing and stacking but can involve inventories, stocktakes, tracking stock, deliveries. The savvy pickers and packers in our talent pool who match to these jobs are skilled in these areas.


  1. Retail – “If it doesn’t scan it must be free right?”


A pet peeve of people who work in retail, and yet we have thousands of candidates who see past the checkout cliché’s and apply for numerous retail part-time, full-time, temporary and casual retail roles every day. Our retail jobseekers are always “happy to help”, ranking retail roles as the second most applied for job last week.


  1. Administration – So much more than fixing lunch dates


The third hot job applied for last week was administration/office work, which our candidates understand is so much more than filing, photocopying and fixing lunch dates. Rather, our candidates who are relevant for roles of this calibre are highly organized, can speak cyber language and have impeccable time-management and communication skills.


Heather Doherty

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