Top 3 reasons for why we take a 'sickie'

Wednesday 11 September, 2013
OK, sometimes we phone our employers because we are generally sick. Other times, we call because we are 'sick' ... cough cough. We all think of calling our employers on a Monday morning because we have had a big weekend and an even bigger week ahead is planned, but what are our main motivators for really calling a sickie? 1. Attending to personal jobs and appointments There's simply not enough time in the week to get things done. We put off all of our personal things-to-do in order to have our professional life under control but there's a limit to this and sometimes we just can't seem to find the right balance. On these 'sickie' days, employees wash their cars, go tho the dentist, do their gardening, get their hair cut, sort out their TAX and do a HUGE grocery shop (whilst wearing a wig and a stick-on beard just in case someone sees you) 2. Refilling the sleep back-log Sometimes we just need a really big sleep-in. The problem with this 'sickie' is that by the time we muck around with devising what excuse we're going to make to our employer, find the courage to make the phone call and have a heart-attack whilst we wait for their reaction, we're completely wide awake and wish we just went to work! Image Image source:

3. Going to a job interview We score an interview for another job but we haven't even told our current employer that we're thinking of leaving ... better call in sick. Why do you miss work? Bad weather? Want to see your kid in their school play? Want to go to the beach? Hungover? Let OneShift know! 
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