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Thursday 27 November, 2014

Top 10 Best Company Perks Around The World: Google Amsterdam Office

Google offices in Amsterdam! 


A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted a photo online of her relaxing at an incrediblly beautiful African resort along with the caption "I love my job". I thought to myself - what could she possibly do for a living? Turns out, she is working at a tech company in Toronto (Canada) and they've paid for their employees to take a little vacation away from the office for a week. Please note: she only graduated university last year.


On a smaller scale, another friend of mine is forced to take two days a week, paid, to work for a charity of their choice. 


So it got me thinking, naturally. What other kind of perks are out there?


Top 10 Company Perks Around the World




It has recently been unveiled that Virgin is offering unlimited amounts of annual leave to their employees in head office – assuming that it doesn’t disrupt the business or their colleagues. Richard Branson has posted on Virgin’s website “flexible working has revolutionised how, where and when we all do our jobs. So if working nine-to-five no longer applies, then why should strict annual leave policies?”




You can’t talk about office perks and employee benefits without talking about Google. Their California office is host to a bowling alley, basketball courts, gym, game room and of course free food. You can’t really go wrong.


Johnson & Johnson


This cleaning products company has their own concierge desk! Everyone needs their own concierge to return their library books or pick up their dry cleaning, right?




Yahoo offers on-site fitness centres kitted out with yoga, pilates, kickboxing and golf classes. And of course free healthy snack and drinks on each floor, incase you get peckish walking up the stairs.




The online ticketing platform has just opened up an office in Melbourne and is already handing out awesome perks. Oh, you just started in our Melbourne office? Let’s pay for you to fly out to San Francisco to have a look at our Head Quarters! Ok! There’s that plus the usual free food and beer and getting paid petrol money. You know, the usual.




This law firm offers their high performing staff a offer of “snooze or cruise” where they can choose to either arrive two hours late in the morning or leave two hours early to go home. Some sweet, sweet motivation.




This Aussie software company has some awesome perks including beer on tap (drink responsibly)! There is also a graduate program in which a group of graduates are taken away for a paid week at the beach, where I assume they do some sort of work, maybe. 


Atlassian was voted the Best Place to Work in Australia 2014, and I wrote about it. 




Hootsuite’s Vancouver office comes equip with a nap room! Oh, there’s also beer on tap and a yoga studio. But that’s not the point. A nap room? How does anyone get any work done?




The American social media agency, founded by a 24 year-old entrepreneur, has implemented a four-day working week. Oh, and a two hour lunch break. “In most cases, we work from 8am -1pm, take a two hour lunch break, then start back at 3pm. We then work from 3pm -7pm. This means we work 9-hour days and 36 hours a week. We close the office on Wednesday so we don’t work for more than 2 days consecutively”.




Word on the street is that Airbnb employees get $2, 000 a year to travel anywhere in the world they want to. And they get to bring their pets to work! Plus all the free food and stuff, but isn’t that getting a little old?

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