Top 10 Apps To Help You Survive Your Exams

Thursday 6 November, 2014

Top Apps To Help Students Get Through Exams


It’s that time of the year again…exams are coming up for university students. Let’s be honest. “Study” usually consists of reading a few chapters of your text book, checking Facebook, checking Instagram, checking Facebook again, staring at the computer screen, writing down a few notes, reading a few more chapters, repeat (or am I just recalling my own experience?).


The point is, a lot of time is usually wasted while “studying”. If you’re inspired to get out of this routine and knuckle down into some serious time, I’ve had a shop around and found the top 10 apps to help you do just that. Oh and don't worry, I know if you're reading this then you are most likely a student, all these babies are freeeeeee!


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Top 10 Apps To Help You Survive Your Exams

In No Particular Order...


1. Quizlet – Flashcards & Study Tools


Create your own flashcards or search for the other gazillion (ok, there’s only millions) of already created ones on there!


2. EasyBib


We have all been there. How the hell do I reference this thing?! Believe it or not, this app allows you to either type in the name of the book or scan the barcode and it will spit out the perfect citation in MLA, APA and Chicago style citations. What a bloody lifesaver.


3. SelfControl


Pulling all nighters in the library during exam week? Yeah, right. We all know you’re watching YouTube videos of cats and scanning your Facebook feed. Every. Ten. Seconds.


SelfControl is an app for your Mac computer that allows you to block certain websites for a set period of time so you can actually do some study.


4. Uni Calculator


Ever heard this one before – “I only need 40% in this exam to pass the subject”.


Uni students are constantly watching their scores and knowing the bare minimum of what they need to pass each subject. Well. Introducing Uni Calender, the app that does it for you! It keeps track of all your assessments and works out the marks you need to get by.


5. Exam Countdown


Although you may not want to be reminded that your exams are coming up – this app stores all your exam dates in the one spot with a friendly daily countdown (mmm yes…friendly). You can add to-do lists for things that need to be done before your exam, and read some exam tips. Or…you can just watch the countdown.


6. Share Your Board (Android)


Snap a picture of the whiteboard in class and the app will adjust the white balance, making it easy to read later. Easy peasy.


7. Studious (Android)


Pop in your class and exam timetable and your phone will be automatically on silent for those periods. Thank god.




Have you read the dictionary? There are a lot of words in that thing. Don’t pretend you know them all.


You can even use offline, and it’s got a pronunciation guide. Just watch out for that silly American spelling – it’ll get cha!


9. Evernote


Ok, so I’ve mentioned this one before and no doubt you’ve heard of it.


It’s got an overwhelming amount of productive features that will basically make you the most organised person on the planet. Just…you gotta check it out.



10. The Happiest Hour


This one is for after your last exam.


The perfect app. It tells you where all the happy hours are in your area!

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