The Ultimate Survival Guide to the Boxing Day Sales

Wednesday 25 December, 2013
Image Photo Credit: Not everyone is a fan of Boxing Day. After spending all that time shopping and spending in the lead up to Christmas, some people might not be ready to face a shopping centre for a while. For others, Boxing Day is one of the biggest events of the year- a holiday dedicated to shopping. However, the event can be testing, with its massive crowds and limited items. To make the most of it, you need to be prepared and in good form to shop. Follow this advice so you're ready to face (and survive) the boxing day sales:

Dress Appropriately

Don't wear anything that might drag you down or make it difficult to navigate your way through shops. Avoid short/tight skirts or anything too baggy or loose.

Draw up a Budget

It's way too easy to blow the bidget within 15 minutes of entering a shop, but spending too much money can lead to regrets after you leave. So plan ahead by making a budget and sticking to it. Specify how much your limit is ion particular items or categories. For example, commit to spending no more than $300 on shoes,  $200 on clothes, etc.

Bring Cash

There's always going to be the odd shop that doesn't accept cards and you don't want to risk being sent away to the ATM on a day like Boxing Day when the queues for the cash register go out the door.

Wake up Early

Speaking of queues, if you've ever been at home to watch the news on boxing days, or even walked past a Myer store, you know how frantic these people are, trying to be the first to get in. This is because the best stuff sells out quickly so wake up early and be prepared.

Take public transport

With the hoards, come the vehicles. And there is no worse day to try and bag a parking spot than on Boxing Day. Either walk or use public transport to get there. Make sure you've worked out the timetables in advance too, so you can plan accordingly.

Wear comfortable shoes

Ladies, this is not the time to try and look cute. Stilettos have no business anywhere but in your shopping bags on Boxing Day.  I know how tempting it can be to put on your nicest pair of heels when you're likely to bump into so many people but the aesthetic effect is far outweighed by the painful blisters

Bring a friend

This is not a matter of company, but one of efficiency. While one of you lines up, the other can go out and find the best bargains without losing your place in the lines.

Don't go in a group

Teamwork may be the key to success in some fields of work. But you don't want your team members (friends) to turn into excessive baggage. If there's more than two of you, there's a good chance someone will constantly be lost, and there can be disagreements about the next destination to visit.

Bring water

You'd be surprised how vigorous this shopping business can be. Don't risk dehydration and bring a bottle of water with you. Keep it in your handbag and fill up whenever you get a chance. - The OneShift Blog
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