The Ultimate Career (Part 2)

Wednesday 16 July, 2014


“Find something you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” – This is what inspires us each day & something we hope to make a reality for all that join us at OneShift.

Well, now you’ve met the man who has really done it. Ben Southall has turned his love of adventure into the ultimate career! By now, you’ve read all about his amazing journeys, expeditions and achievements. Now he’s here to let you in on a little secret…how he made his dreams into a career & how you can do it too!

So here you have it ladies & gents, Ben Southall…


If you had to work an average job, what would it be and why?


Honestly? I don't think I’d survive! If I had to choose a career for the rest of my life I think I’d go back into organizing major events. There’s something wonderfully addictive about the logistical side of things for me, along with the excitement of the running the live event but the best feeling comes when it’s all wrapped up at 2am when the adrenaline finally stops flowing.


How did you turn your passion into your career?


There were two major events in my life that kick-started me from being a thinker to a do’er. I lost two great friends in separate tragic accidents who were travelling and exploring the world but never made it home. Life is far too short and can be over in an instant so taking every opportunity to live out the things some people only dream about has become my driving force.


In 2009 I embarked on my Afritrex adventure when I drove around Africa and this really opened my mind to other cultures and people, which gave me a different perspective of what actually matters in life.


During the expedition I ran five marathons and climbed the five highest mountains on the continent to raise money for charity. It was the start of a desire to push my physical boundaries further and to achieve more with each project I plan.


The expeditions sow the seed that adventures are achievable by anyone who’s brave enough to take a leap of faith and step outside what can be the rut of life. We have one chance on Planet Earth – use it!


Today I work with tourism organisations around the world to showcase the beauty of the natural world as a backdrop for my grueling challenges. It’s a good relationship to have, which fulfills my selfish need to travel and push myself harder, whilst inspiring others to do the same in their own way.




What advice do you give to those who are trying to break the office routine & live the dream?


It’s very easy to live within your comfort zone and never really test your mettle, but if you do the rewards are untold.


Embark on your own micro-adventure first to build your confidence; be that exploring your local park, climbing the local mountain or trying a new outdoors activity for the first time.


“If you don’t go, you never know” – words I try and live by every day. 

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