The top three small business concerns €“ What's keeping you up at night?

Wednesday 29 May, 2013
Yesterday was an early start (4:30am) as we (OneShift) drove to Canberra for the COSBOA (Council of Small Business of Australia) discussion on Access to Finance for Small Businesses. Aerial_View_of_Canberra21 There were definitely some interesting presentations, Dhruba Gupta from DBM, talked about tigers ... 'business tigers' that is, whilst Professor Scott Holmes brought the solar system into the room with his planet diagram of the concerns that keep small businesses up all night. So what exactly are these concerns? According to the survey conducted by DBM, there are three major issues keeping small business owners awake: 1.Management and marketing concerns (represents 71% of small business concerns). 2.Economy and regulatory concerns (represents 62% of small business concerns) 3.Financial concerns (Represents 59% of small business concerns) In fact, access to finance was the 15th critical issue noted by small businesses, with other concerns such as finding skilled staff and keeping them ranking a lot higher. Of course, these findings do not capture all the views of small business owners and the results of this survey should only be viewed as a snap-shot of the current problems. What's clear though is that for a small business wanting to grow and develop, better policies and financial structures need to be in place to allow businesses to access grants, loans or even government assistance. Below is Executive Director, Peter Strong and myself, representing OneShift Jobs. gen and COSBOA image
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