The top ten DO NOT'S of the workplace

Monday 8 July, 2013
There are some things in the workplace which are obvious do not's; looking for another job on your office computer, talking back to your boss or wearing completely inappropriate clothing to work are examples of these. But there are 10 things which, for some, are the most trivial, annoying and frustrating do not's of the workplace. 10 do not's of the workplace: 1. Don't steal other's food from the fridge: To you it may only be one chocolate biscuit from a packet of 12 but in the owner's view, it's a matter of laziness on the stealer's behalf. How hard is it to go down to the nearest 7/11 or corner store and buy your own pack? 2. Don't fill-in the Sudoku or cross-word on a daily basis: Most businesses buy a paper for the employees to share and read whilst in the lunch room. Of course, it's fine to fill the games out with others but don't be that employee who get's to work 10 minutes early, sits down with their coffee and fills the answers out every day, destroying the fun and enjoyment for others. 3. Don't come into work sick: I once sat next to an employee who was coughing and spluttering and said 'I'm sorry, I'm not contagious but I just feel dreadful'?. Keep your germs at home. 4. Don't be the stingy one at morning tea: Many companies, once a week or month, will organise a morning tea for all employees. If it's your turn to contribute to the food and drinks, don't be the stingy one. One packet of home brand biscuits and a few tea bags just won't go around to 10 or more employees. 5. Don't leave half-eaten food on your desk or in the fridge: There's nothing worse than watching a colleagues' half-eaten tomato and cheese sandwich sit on their desk and go moldy for a week. 6. Don't leave the printer without paper: You know when it happens, the printer beeps a warning that it's running low on paper (or ink). Don't ignore it; fill it up for the next person to use it who may be in a rush. 7. Don't leave dishes in the sink: It only takes one plate covered with crumbs or a cereal bowl to transform the tiny lunch room into a mess. It also encourages other employee's to do the same. 8. Don't make personal appointments all day: Cancelling a doctor's appointment or checking a credit card statement is OK once in a while. Being on the phone every second minute, organising your personal life is not. 9. Don't be a pen clicker, tapper or lid clapper: We understand that some people can't help but fidget but please, don't let your fidgeting become a distraction to the whole office. 10. Don't continually complain about the office's temperature: For some it's too hot, for other's too cold. The temperature won't change so either bring an extra jumper or buy a mini fan and keep your complaints at bay. Image Image source: Corporate speak What are the biggest do not's in your workplace? Let OneShift know!
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