The Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Students

Thursday 24 April, 2014


There are many part-time jobs for university students - just a quick glance at OneShift will prove this. Part-time or casual jobs are good options for students because they are flexible enough to allow an individual time both for studying and earning money. Part-time jobs can also provide an individual with valuable skills for their future career. With so many part-time jobs out there, we have made a shortlist of the top ten casual jobs for students:


1. Bartenders: Working at a bar requires a RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate) and RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling Certificate) but these are relatively cheap and easy to obtain. The course for both certificates usually lasts a day and costs around $200. Bar work is great for students as the shifts are usually at night and on the weekends - outside of university hours. The pay is also good -  $20-25 an hour with extra if your hours are late at night or on Sunday. Lastly, it's relatively easy, social work. You get to speak with the bar locals, university students and foreign travelers.


2. Wait staff: Working in a restaurant or a cafe is a good option for students as businesses in the hospitality sector hire regularly and there are often many part-time and casual positions available. Hours are usually in the morning, lunch time or dinner - usually for no more than four hours depending on what meal you are helping with. The pay is usually not as good as bar work however if you provide excellent service, your customers will reward you with tips. What's more, the cook will normally give you a feed during your break - free food!


3. Working at the university: many students overlook this option but there are many positions available - peer net-workers, tutors, library staff, cafe staff at the university, research assistants ... why go somewhere else when there are jobs up from grabs at your own campus? Be quick though, these positions get snapped up early on in the year.


4. Babysitting: Although the idea of looking after some screaming kids doesn't sound immediately appealing, baby-sitting is a great part-time job for students because after bed time, you're free to do as you please - relax, study, research, scroll the internet. You may get the occasional disturbance but depending on the age of the kids, you could have the house to yourself from 8 - 12 midnight. Also, parents often take pity on the 'poor struggling uni students' and will pay you generously.


5. Supermarket shelf packers: usually a night-time shift, if you can't afford work during the day or have a hectic university schedule, opt for some shifts packing shelves at your local supermarket. What was your part-time job as a uni student? Was it hard to work around a university schedule? What was the easiest part-time job you had?  


6. School tutors: if you're a university student, chances are you have just finished high school. Whilst the school curriculum is still fresh in your mind, advertise yourself and become a tutor for other school students in your local area.


7. Lawn mower: How many of your neighbors get someone in to do their lawns? Why not approach them and let them know you're available to do it and throw in an additional 'path sweep' or 'general weeding' for free. That will definitely get them to change their minds about who they're getting to maintain their greens.


8. Administration: office assistants, front of desk ... there's always a business in need of some extra hands around the office. The work is usually indoors, not too stressful but enough to keep you busy (and paid).


9. Pizza delivery driver: Another good option for students looking for some night shifts. If you know your roads, don't mind sitting in the car, and can stand the smell of freshly baked pizza, then this is a great part-time job for you.


10. Call centre operators: usually part-time and casual positions which pay well and teach you important skills - persistence, motivation and excellent customer service.


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