The Top 10 Highest and Lowest Minimum Wages from Around the World

Tuesday 29 April, 2014


Ever wondered which country enjoys the highest minimum wage? Believe it or not, at US$16.88 an hour, Australia currently sits at the top of the list. However, this could change as soon as next month as Australia would be overtaken by Switzerland if the national referendum on 18th May votes in favour of the proposed 22 francs (AUD$26.65).


Realistically though, only about 10% of the country's workers are actually earning the minimum wage, with the rest of the population earning more, and April polls show that opinions are divided on the issue.


President of the USA, Barack Obama is also looking to increase the federal minimum wage from US$7.25 to $10.10 per hour (AUD$10.89), but faces fierce opposition from members of Congress.


Top 10 highest minimum wages (Minimum hourly wages expressed in US$)


1. Australia 16.88

2. Luxembourg 14.24

3. Monaco 12.83

4. France 12.22

5. Belgium 11.69

6. San Marino 11.49

7. New Zealand 11.18

8. Ireland 11.09

9. Netherlands 10.99

10. Canada 10.25  


Top 10 lowest minimum wages (Minimum hourly wages expressed in US$)


1. Gambia 0.19

2. Guinea-Bissau 0.19

3. Malawi 0.16

4. Tanzania 0.13

5. Central African Republic 0.1

6. Kyrgyzstan 0.1

7. Bangladesh 0.09

8. Cuba440.05

9. Sierra Leone 0.03

10. Uganda 0.01  


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