The secret to great and engaged employees?

Wednesday 8 July, 2015



Feedback. Guidance. No matter what office terminology you use, we all need some critiquing at some point. Nobody is born great at what they do; we become great from our experiences, the challenges we face and how we face them. So guide your employees in their path to greatness by giving them invaluable feedback.


Employee feedback is the secret sauce to employee growth. It not only helps to shape the right constructive path for your employees to follow, but it engages employees. And this engagement will help your employees progress and prosper (both in themselves and in the company).


Your employees are champing at the bit for positive and constructive feedback. They want to pinpoint their strength, where they can improve, where they stand in the company. So fill them in!


A recent study by HubSpot discovered that employees who are highly engaged at work receive employee feedback at least once a week. HubSpot research confirmed that 7 in 10 employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were being better recognized, and employees who received little or no feedback tended to disengage from their work more readily.


Here are a few other handy stats and facts that show the enormous effect employee feedback (or lack of) can have: 

  • 4 in 10 of employees don’t feel appreciated at work
  • Turnover rates are 15% lower in companies that give regular feedback
  • Employees are 30 times more likely to be engaged if they have managers who focus on their employee’s strengths
  • Around 8 in 10 of employees said being recognized motivates them in their job
  • Only 6 in 10 of managers think they give enough feedback

So go crazy on the constructive criticism, make one-on-ones more than a one-off and watch your employees grow!

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Heather Doherty

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