The new face of hospitality, according to Generation Y

Tuesday 11 August, 2015


Social media and the growing obsession with oversharing are shaping the future of hospitality. Great customer service is no longer just getting a stellar steak served with a friendly smile. Today the customer might choose a dish in a restaurant based on what will get the most Instagram likes, and base their 'customer service experience' on this.


And the pioneering leaders of this growing trend in hospitality - Generation Y! These 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s young adults are shaping the future of hospitality.  There appears to be a trend for this bunch to choose a restaurant, bar or hotel based on under the influence of their online followers.


“Can this lead to a controversial tweet, or epic #foodporn Instagram image or trending video on Facebook”, subconsciously say many Gen Y’s.


Marketing Sabre Hospitality Solutions believe that Gen Y are “selling their digital souls for a better (hospitality) experience”. Research by Marketing Sabre showed that 98% of Gen Y’s own and use a Smartphone on a daily basis. As we engage into an even more digital-focused lifestyle this is bound to influence how and where we socialise in the real world.


But beware! Gen Y’s (as well as other generations) have a tendency to ‘overshare’ on social media, and this is quickly becoming the ‘norm’. Great news if oversharing is positive – this is effectively free publicity for a hospitality business. However, one bad customer experience could lead to negative customer content on social media, and your bar/café/entire brand being tarnished with the a deadly brush. Hence, incredibly damaging to a hospitality business!




 Heather Doherty

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