The Melbourne Cup - one reason why it's a brilliant business model

Tuesday 5 November, 2013
Image Image source: It's the Melbourne Cup - the race starts at 3pm! All around Australia, people gather at pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes to catch a glimpse of the first black polished hoof to cross the line. People place bets, drink beer, wine and champaign, buy little packets of salt and vinegar chips and salted peanuts, and say "cheers" to having the day off (if you're lucky enough to live in Melbourne) or at least, to have the hour off. And the pubs are celebrating too! For the past week they have been desperately trying to find additional staff members to meet the expected increase in demand but now they can relax a little and know that at the end of the day, they will be sitting on a lovely green profit. This is because they know the Melbourne Cup is a brilliant business model and it will always work. Like Xmas Eve, like New Year's Eve, like any public holiday or period of time off, humans love to kick back their heels, give into their vices and relax. Be it alcohol, shopping, a nice dinner, lunch or a coffee with a DOBLE CHOC muffin, many businesses profit when we deviate from our routines. Image It's a great word of advice for anyone starting a business, sometimes, it's the businesses who understand the true nature of humans, human behaviour, which are the most successful. The Melbourne Cup organisers understand us. So too does McDonalds, bars, ice cream parlours, that cafe which displays brownies on their very front counter - they know that humans always fall victim to their vices. No, these businesses aren't evil, aren't bad, aren't making our nation fatter, or tempting us to do wrong. They simply understand human behaviour. They understand the need for rest, relaxation and fun and for this reason, they will always be profitable in the future. What business do you think will always be a profitable one? Do you think smart businesses are the one's that capitalise on human vices? Let OneShift know!
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