The ‘Information Revolution’ is here!

Friday 20 November, 2015

Data – it’s huge and it can do incredible things. Did you know that if you burned all of the data created in just one day onto DVDs, you could stack them on top of one another and reach the moon twice?*. Wait, of course you knew that!


Granted, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If it were a tea it would be a complicated Chai cinnamon loose leaf, not a simple English breakfast. Data is one of the best, and most underused, assets the Government uses. That's precisely why the Government has decided to launch a new initiative to put big data to use and they're getting the help of techy entrepreneurs. 


We can’t deny our love for data (we're nerds!), so we joined in in Startup Daily’s Data Day to learn about the ground-breaking data plans we can all look forward to.


Gen in deep discussion about the startup ecosystem

We were super excited about the launch of a “whole-of-government” Data Analytics Centre! This is an initiative to drive innovation across the State, and it promises to be “mutually-beneficial for governments and entrepreneurs”, according to NSW Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, The Hon Victor Dominello MP.

NSW government believes entrepreneurs should be at the forefront of innovation, and therefore can replace spending tax dollars on government-led projects with solving big societal problems, like crime, obesity and housing affordability in innovative ways. “A classic win-win situation”, according to Dominello.

The day consisted of several panel discussions, one of which included our Founder & MD Gen George. Gen spoke alongside Ash Davies (Founder and CEO of Tablo Publishing), David Hickey (Area Director for Meltwater) and Mathew Beeche (Founder of Shoestring Media) in a panel discussion on the hot topics of the startup ecosystem, how startups are using data to revolutionise industries, and how enterprises can keep up with rapid changes.



Gen with panel buddies Ash Davies and Mathew Beeche


And it’s been named the "Information Revolution”! (We hope you were sitting down for that one). Dominello said, “This is a policy that will enable startups to thrive in the same way that coal and steel was the fuel of the Information Revolution: data is the fuel of the Information Revolution”. 


Regarding Sydney, Dominello said, “We already have the highest amount of startups with 64%. We’ve got major players from around the world having bases here such as Google, Microsoft and Apple.”


Combine these ingredients with Sydney’s strong economy and you have a “natural digital ecosystem for data to flourish”. Otherwise known as big (data) plans ahead!


The location of the Data Analytics Centre is yet to be revealed (oh the suspense!). Bold promises and big plans ahead, and what better to solve it all than big data and innovative thinking! Combine the two and that’s a match made in heaven!


The Startup Daily team interviewing Martin Hosking of RedBubble



What do you think of the 'Information Revolution'?


Heather Doherty



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