The Importance of a Profile Picture for Your Resume

Tuesday 22 April, 2014


It wasn’t long ago that ‘never include a photo in your resume’ was the most common and trusted piece of advice we read about in the career advice blogs and columns. Then came social media, and well, nothing changed. This piece of advice is still being thrown around today. Despite the fact that a quick Google search will return not only a carefully selected photograph but also personal videos and, unless we’re very careful, the most unflattering of happy snaps our “mates” could manage to get a hold of and tag. So, if most of us already include a photo in our LinkedIn profiles, Facebook pages and dating sites, why are we still reluctant about showing our faces to potential employers through our CVs? Those against photos on resumes argue that it looks unprofessional and some even say it makes you look vain. But it’s perfectly acceptable to splash out bikini shots, bathroom selfies and blurred memories detailing events from 18th and 21st birthday parties to your public Facebook profile? Doesn’t sound right. 


Now I’m not suggesting you add anything that resembles that sort of content to your professional profiles, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t embrace the visual, multimedia age we live in and add a professional photograph to complement your CV and give you a competitive edge in the hiring process. 


Our top tips for a professional photo:


-Use good lighting, which essentially means the lighting is not behind you, making you look like a big silhouette

-Keep both eyes open

-A light and solid background

-A photo of just you

-A shot that lets your face and maybe a little of your neck fill the frame. Crop the photo tightly and then upload it


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