The Greatest Joys of Working in a Call Centre

Thursday 16 January, 2014
Image Photo Credit: For people who don't work in a call centre, the job might look like a breeze. I mean really, sitting on your butt all day while talking on the phone can't be that straining, right? Wrong. In fact, there is a wealth of knowledge lying not only on the other end of the phone line, but in the hectic environment that is a call centre office. So what will you gain from working in a call centre? OneShift reveals the 5 skills you will master while working in this testing gig:

Working in a Fast-Paced Environment

You have to be fast if you want to work in a call centre. If it's inbound calls you deal with, the main focus is how fast you can answer a phone and solve a customer's issue? Key performance indicators are based on times and are how a centre calculates its efficiency. But call times are just as important for the customer as they are for the company. So you need to be able to work under pressure.

Paying Attention to Details

You must be able to answer customers' inquiries quickly and correctly so their faith and trust in your company is restored. It's important to the company you work for that their customers aren't frustrated. These customers are the backbone of your company, and they need to rest assured that their call is being handled appropriately. Accurate consistency is critical. And for that, you need to be the type of person who pays attention.

Adaptability to New Skills

The products and services of the company you work for will change frequently. And although the general idea will remain the same, you need to be able to adapt to these changes and keep up to date with the company's latest developments. Not only do the products change constantly, but so do the computer systems and programs you use. Call centres always have a lot of specific processes you will need to learn so you should be able to take these on.

Coping with Difficult People

More often than not, customers call because they have a problem and they want you to fix it. If you can't show empathy, and support them, they'll start to feel even more frustrated with the phone call and with you. This is when some customers get difficult. You'll definitely need to use your best listening skills and learn little tricks as simple as repeating back what your customer says. This helps them feel listened to. The more ability you have in dealing with difficult people, the better you will feel yourself.


A call centre position can be a great 9-5 job. However, most of them require you to do some shift work. Make sure you know what the hours are before you start working in a call centre so you know you'll be able to do it If you have children, you will need to make care arrangements. Remember too that changing shifts can affect your sleep patterns and other activities outside work hours. Also, be prepared to be asked to come in at the last minute, as that's the nature of the work!
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