The Best Place To Work In Australia

Tuesday 16 September, 2014

Best Place To Work In Australia: Atlassian


Last week, the BRW revealed their annual Best Places to Work Australia list. Taking out first place was software provider, Atlassian. I’d just like to point out, even if I was asked to describe my ultimate best place to work, I don’t think I could have come up with half the awesome things that this 12-year old company is offering to its staff.


The company was recently estimated at $3.3 billion, so I guess they have room to please. The study is determined by a combination of employee surveys and a “culture audit” that gives HR personnel the chance to express their company’s unique culture. If you ask me, they know how to handle the company culture. Are you ready? No wonder these guys are in first place.


New employees  – as in, you haven’t worked a day of your life at Atlassian yet –are given a travel voucher to spend as they please before they even step foot in the office (seems fair).


They hold a graduate program where they take new graduates to the beach for a weeklong trip involving challenges and maybe educate them a bit about what the company does…maybe. If there’s anytime between all that surfing.


Employees are provided with boutique beer on top, a drinks fridge, lollies, table tennis & pool table, video games and board games as part of the office culture. Here at OneShift, we have a table-tennis table. That’s pretty cool too.


On top of this, Atlassian staff are also given time during the week to spend on their own projects as well as time to help out a charity of their choice.


Yes, I’m still going. All staff members have access to a ‘Mood-App’ that apparently can quickly identify problems. The app was actually created by Atlassian to determine how their employees are feeling when they walk out of the office everyday (I hope it’s anonymous for those having a bad day).


I have one more thing to say. Where do I sign up?

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