The 6 Essential Characteristics of a Valuable Employee

Friday 10 January, 2014
Image Photo Credit: The competition for new jobs is at an all-time high and in order to be noticed, employees need to demonstrate the skillset that managers are interested in. From the ability to empathize with other team members to the willingness to wear multiple hats around the office, managers today seek employees with a variety of the skills. Here are the 6 skills employers look for most in today's fast-paced, technologically advanced workplace:

Reliability and Discipline

It's possible to overcome shortcomings such as a lack of experience by simply performing the required duties and showing up on time. You exhibit discipline when you prove that you can work on your own without a supervisor hovering over your shoulder. This also means having the ability to keep your hands off your phone while you're supposed to be working and not making personal phone calls.


There are those staff members that boast about every one of their achievements, sometimes before they've even accomplished them! Unlike those who think they know everything, humble workers can see where there's room to grow and they often recognise areas in which they can improve.


Friendliness may not get the job done but it certainly helps when people feel comfortable enough to speak to you and share their work with you. A positive attitude is an important component of teamwork and it's difficult to demonstrate that you're a team player if you're not approachable and can't get along with others.

Exceeding Expectations

To gain an employer's confidence staff members must be willing to go the extra length when completing assignments. That means doing more work than what is required. I know what you're thinking: you don't have enough hours in the day to complete your own work, let alone the extra tasks. But if you repeatedly pass on extra projects, you will not stand out as worthy of a promotion.


This is more important than ever in the employment landscape. Where the ability to do all sorts of jobs within the company was once a huge bonus to an employee's skillset, it is now nothing short of a necessity. Bosses like to know that they can rely on their staff to look after the business, should something unexpected arise.


Highly valuable team members understand the frustration of feeling like your voice goes unheard or that you're being unappreciated. So they empathise with their colleagues and look for ways to help them with any challenges they may face. What skills do you consider most important in the workplace? Let OneShift know!
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