The 5 Essential Management Skills

Wednesday 2 April, 2014


Successful managers across all fields generally share a set of similar skills. Whether they come from finance, IT, customer service or marketing, there are certain attributes that have helped them to excel in their division and become leaders.


Luckily, the required skills can be acquired, developed and refined through training courses in management and advanced tertiary studies. These can greatly improve your opportunities for career progression. The following five skills are at the top of every manager’s list of required skills:




Managers need good written and verbal communication skills. They must be able to get their point across in an open and direct way and build positive relationships with their people, their peers and their bosses.


Objective setting


It is vital that a manager can establish and communicate a clear direction to his/her people. The objectives should be discussed and agreed with people and adequate resources identified and made available in order to achieve required outcomes.


Decision making


Being able to weigh up several different options, make effective decisions and take appropriate action is all part of being an efficient Manager. Having good judgment and knowing when the time is right to implement decisions is crucial to appearing credible in the role.


People development


Good Managers know how to work with others to maximize performance. To get the most from people it is beneficial to have coaching, mentoring and facilitating skills. The ability to manage performance and provide constructive, encouraging feedback are also key elements to supporting and developing people.




Managers who can inspire and motivate their people to raise their levels of performance and achieve their potential are far more successful than those who struggle in this area. Rewarding and recognising achievement and encouraging people to achieve their personal best is key to successful management.


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