The 4 Things You Should Do in Your First Week at a New Workplace

Wednesday 16 April, 2014


If you’re starting a new job – whether it is your first job or if you’re switching companies – transitioning to a new place of work can be testing, even for the most flexible among us. The unique culture, policies and the whole environment itself can vary immensely from one company to another and signs of what’s to come don’t always show during the interview stage or even in the first few days of training on the job. But the quicker you grasp a sense of what the company is about, the quicker and smoother your transition into it will be.


Clear Expectations

Adjusting to a new workplace is much easier for a new employee who listens carefully and takes notes both during the interview and when on the job. This sense of the culture will give the employee a taste of what the position is about and how the rest of the team interacts with the person in the role. The adjustment period will take less time if the expectations of both parties are made clear from the start.


Observing and Listening

During the first few weeks of employment in a new company, the listening skills and learning skills of a new employee play an enormous part in their success and development within the role. Take notes about any specific details about the business during the training period, ask plenty of questions and watch what other employees are doing and how they go about their days. Being conscious of the details will help you fit in and adapt to the company culture, as well as demonstrate a willingness to and a team-focus.


Forming Alliances

Finding a friendly colleague or, better yet, a mentor in your department early on can give you the advantage of learning about prioritising tasks that are expected of you correctly. Meanwhile, the HR department is always there to help you with company policies, the work environment and they can point you in the right direction when you need help with a more specific task. Set time for lunch or coffee with newfound contacts in any related departments can also help you broaden your perspective on the company.


Employee Manual

Most companies will have some sort of employee manual containing all the information you won’t hear from your work buddies. It’s a good point of reference and will come in handy in the future if any issues were to arise so make a point of grabbing a copy for yourself during your first week. 


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