The 3 C’s of any Hospitality Employee

Monday 27 July, 2015

The exciting hospitality industry offers a wide range of career options. Whether it’s running a resort, being a glamorous host in a top restaurant, or a talented cook who knows their coq au vin from chicken chasseur. This fast-paced industry holds a huge variety of professions but there are three must-have qualities all hospitality employees share.


  1. Commitment


To be successful in the hospitality industry, you must be committed to making sure that customers have the most memorable and positive experience and leave a café, restaurant, or hotel feeling 100% satisfied. Keeping customers happy can generate repeat business, and can lead to sparkling online reviews. Which is today’s digital era is crucial!


Commitment shines through in time commitment, organisation and attention to detail – desired qualities an employer looks for when hiring hospitality staff.


  1. Customer service


The customer is the number one focus, regardless of the amount of face-to-face customer contact. Customer service is the service provided to customers before, during and after a purchase. Customer service continues after a customer has left a hotel, finished their meal, or paid for their schooner.


Exceptional customer service can guarantee exceptional customer satisfaction. This increases customer loyalty, can increase the amount of money a customer might spend, generates positive word-of-mouth and reputation, and can encourage more organic business.


So follow up on feedback, offer extra ice in a customer’s drink, add personal touches to the work you do – in essence show that can go above and beyond for a customer’s needs.


  1. Communication


Outstanding communication skills is the final big ‘C’ that hospitality employees share. Effective teamwork requires solid internal communication between all frontline staff, managers and those behind the scenes. Forget the level of seniority; the bottom line is that every employee has stellar verbal, written, and interpersonal skills.


Communication is so much more than talking and writing. An employee can communicate great customer service through a simple smile. "Service with a smile" is not just a logo - customers expect it. So flash those pearly whites, keep up a positive attitude and this will leave the customer smiling.


What does an Area Manager of a restaurant chain and a Kitchen Porter have in common? All of the above!


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Heather Doherty

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