The 2 Most Demanding Industries This December

Monday 23 December, 2013
Wondering where all the jobs are this Christmas? While many offices are closing their doors over the holidays and sending their employees off on vacation, there are two industries that are experiencing their busiest time of year. OneShift has found the two most popular industries for jobs this Christmas period. And they are...

Beauty, Health and Fitness

Tis the season to prim, prime, tan, manicure, squat, lunge and run if the number of jobs in the beauty and fitness category is anything to go by. The beauty, health and fitness category was the second most popular for December.  It makes sense when you think about the spike in functions associated with the hospitality industry. And any woman worth her salt will tell you how much beautification is required/expected for these events. Plus, it's the perfect time to get around to the beauty treatments or fitness classes you never had time for before the holidays. Image

Hospitality and Food

Not surprisingly, the hospitality and food category was the most popular this December. The industry has traditionally been known to thrive over the holiday period as everyone who isn't in it, and even some who are, spend much of their time eating out, going to cafes and bars, hitting up Christmas functions and basically injecting the industry as well as the economy with loads of cash during the holidays, while most other industries slow down during this time. Image Photo Credit:
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