TGIF: Stop Waiting for the Weekend

Friday 13 June, 2014


As soon as the clock strikes five o’clock on a Friday evening, everyone is reaching for their bags and are out the door within seconds, but what for? Why, it’s the weekend of course.


It seems to me that when Friday comes around, my social feed is full of this whole ‘TGIF’ mindset. And yes, while the weekend is great, shouldn’t we be enjoying the time spent during the work week as well? After all, those five days take up 71% of the week, should we not be actively trying to make this part of our life just as much, if not more, fun and enjoyable? I think yes. Yes we should.



Firstly, and most importantly, you should always make sure you love your work. Our mindset at OneShift is “work to live, not live to work”. If you are finding yourself waiting for the weekend (52 weeks a year) then you should start to consider what you can change to make a positive impact on your work week.


Now, don’t get me wrong. If you had a boring day at work or there is that one person if your office that you absolutely cannot stand (there’s always one), that doesn’t mean you should up and quit your job. However, if there are multiple factors that make you dread the eight hours of the day, five days a week, then maybe you should consider some other options.


Have you considered part time work? This is a great opportunity to work flexible hours and do more of what you love. The great thing about part time work is you have a buffet of industries to choose from! From hospitality and retail to reception and IT, there's something for everyone.


Casual work is perfect for those who are studying, and even those who are trying to find their feet. If you’re not quite sure what industry to head into or where to begin your career, working part time allows you to discover where your interests lie.


Remember: work to live, not live to work.



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