Taking Holidays Are Good For You & Your Career

Wednesday 6 August, 2014


Annual leave is a beautiful thing. You get to take a holiday. Travel overseas. Or take a drive down the coast. The beauty of it is that you can whatever you want and get paid at the same time. The trouble of it is that many Australians aren’t taking advantage of this wonderful gift. The WA Today has recently reported that Australians wasted away a precious 58 million days of annual leave last year (#prayforthelostdays).


I have a serious issue with this for many reasons. Not only is taking your holidays going to make your work more productive but it will also take a toll on your health. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that those who don’t take their annual leave are shown to have higher levels of depression and anxiety and don’t perform as well professionally as those who have taken their holidays. Click here for the original article.


As I mentioned in my previous blog post “Part Time Work: It’s A Lifestyle Choice, Not A Career Change”, a friend of mine is forced to take his annual leave each year within his new job in a bank. This is a direct reaction to the higher powers realizing the negative effects of their over-worked employees. In other words, we are noticing that if we take our holidays each year and enjoy our time outside of the office, we are much more likely to feel satisfaction within our jobs, work more productively and in-turn benefit our employers. Everyone’s happy!


However, with the ready availability of mobile devices and wireless Internet, people struggle to actually switch off (as it were) while away. You could be lying on a beach sipping cocktails and yet you would still be contactable. You’d think that most people wouldn’t bother with checking these devices, however, the WA Today also reported that two thirds of those surveyed either checked their voicemails or emails while away!


We need to wake up and realise that overworking ourselves until retirement isn’t the way to go. Take advantage of opportunities when they arise. When you are given four weeks or paid leave each year – take them and run.

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