Taking Business On The Road

Wednesday 30 July, 2014


Travelling businesses are no longer merely for the ringleader and his animals. Our desire for travel and to live a life of leisure is prompting new creative ideas of how to take our business with us…wherever we may go!


I don’t need to tell you about online business. They’re nothing new. However, more and more people are creating ways to make money on-the-go. Let’s see…travelling bloggers, freelance graphic designers and other online techies can take their work with them.


But what about other small businesses?


There are always the classic food trucks that drive around town. One such notable business is the Street Sliders Truck! They’re serving the classic burgers and chips along with some delicious sides & shakes up to the masses around Sydney. Check our their website to find when their next happening is! 


And then you’ve got the blood banks and the coffee carts…


But wait. This coffee cart is travelling a little different to everyone else…on water! Garry White has taken his business to Sydney Harbour, cruising around selling coffee to fishermen, sailors & beach goers! If you ask me, Garry has the right idea for part time retirement! (http://goo.gl/1dxk6n).


Photo: http://weheartsydney.com/?p=319


The great thing about taking your business on the road is time; you can choose when are where, part time or full time, when to open & when to close.


Take another example, the American brothers taking their business around Washington. Driving around in their logo covered cars selling their Apple repair services to those around the area. CrackedMacScreen is just another example of Gen Y taking advantage of the current digital stage (http://www.cnbc.com/id/100439337).


Taking to the road with business isn't an option for everyone, but if it's something you could take into account, I urge you to do so! It's a great option for adventurers, those in online business as well as people who are looking for part time work while enjoying what life has to offer.

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