Surviving Your Summer Internship: 10 Quick Tips

Tuesday 19 November, 2013
Image Photo credit: Youth unemployment has, at 13 per cent, reached its highest level since 2002. So for many young people, the upcoming summer break will involve more than just beach hopping, sunbaking, music festivals and parties. Instead, thousands of university students and graduates will be trading in their bikinis and boardies for desks, coffee runs and 'get-your-foot-through-the-door'? opportunities at leading companies around Australia. We've all heard about the wonderful things internships can do for your résumés and your career prospects, but once you've been given that perfect opportunity, how do you make the most out of your internship? The following ten tips will take you one step closer to reaching that dream role: 1. Work even harder than full-time employees- This means staying back late, contributing on weekends and whatever else it takes to prove you're serious about this job. 2. Network- You never know who you might meet and how they might make a contribution to your career. 3. Choose a mentor- Find someone that can offer career advice and, of course, a reference. 4. Be proactive- Look for ways to contribute. Don't just wait for tasks to be handed to you. 5. Be curious- Look at what interesting projects other employees are working on and ask how you can help. 6. Get excited- If you don't show that you're enthusiastic about the work you're doing, don't expect to be given work at all. 7. Send a Thank You note- Make sure people at the company remember your name by sending them a note to show your appreciation once you finish up. A little gratitude can go a long way! 8. Ask for More Challenges- Always. You won't get it if you don't ask for it. And if you don't ask for it, someone else will. 9. Don't be scared to ask- The boss will probably be too busy to dedicate their full attention to you and what you're doing, so make sure you reach out to them when you need help. 10. Speak up!- If you have a great idea or solution to some problem, make sure you let someone know. It won't hurt to voice you opinion. Interning this summer? Share your experiences or tips with OneShift! - The OneShift Blog
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