Surviving Job Rejection

Wednesday 11 June, 2014


Sparks were actually flying. Fireworks bursting outside the window. My future co-workers clapping me as I leave the meeting room where I just had the interview of my life. I’m absolutely perfect for this job. And they know it. Can’t wait to call Mum, if only these people would stop applauding me for just a few moments.


Two weeks later. The rejection email. “Thank you for your interest in our company…such a high caliber of applicants…we wish you the best of luck…”. Is this some kind of sick joke? Did they accidently send this to the wrong email?


Welcome to the world of recent graduates and new job seekers. Job rejection. It’s frank, frequent & ferocious.


You have to remember that much like an actor in a film, you may have all the right skills for the role but you just don’t fit the character. Take it with a grain of salt (add tequila if necessary).


There are many ways to deal with rejection, but the main thing to remember is to stay positive. Keep applying. Perhaps spread your wings in terms of the type of jobs you are looking for. And always always always follow up on your application. There could be hundreds of people going for the job you want, you need to make yourself stand out and call them, don’t harass them, but make sure they know your name.


Keep yourself social. Remind yourself that there are other important things in life like your friends and family. There’s nothing worse than staying in bed, alone, receiving your rejection by the bulk.


You never know where your job will come from. Whether it’s an application your did online, a friend of a friend of a friend knows of an opening in your industry or someone you met two years ago remembered how keen you were. It could come from any angle, so make sure you’re always on alert.


Take a bath. Sometimes all you need is a hot bath, candles & a glass of wine to get you back on track.

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