Spiderman OneShift-ers break a Guinness World Record!

Thursday 30 July, 2015


At the crack of dawn on Tuesday morning some of the OneShift team joined around 440 other Spidermen (or Spiderpeople) in Sydney to break a Guinness World Record.

The challenge? To break the record for the most people dressed as Spider-Man gathered in one place, and in the process raised funds for Life Education charity.

The monumental event was pulled together by Charterhouse Recruitment and gathered business people, grandparents, children alike in City Recital Hall at Angel Place.

It was an opportunity for people in Sydney to reconnect with their inner Spiderman and superhero saving duties. After several Spiderman Mexican waves and plenty of selfies we officially broke the previous Guinness World Record of 398.  You can catch more information about this on the web at #spiderhouse



Heather Doherty

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