So what's not to like about Facebook likes?

Tuesday 27 August, 2013

We did it '“ 100,000 OneShift Facebook likes! It's an achievement most start-ups dream of. Just one like on Facebook from an individual can mean that this like is shared with their entire Facebook network. To crunch figures, if the same individual has 100 friends, that's 100 friends that see this 'OneShift Facebook Like' and hear about it. We have 100,000 Facebook likes. If every one of those likes comes from an individual with at least 100 friends, then 10 million people may have also seen our Facebook page.

Many speak of the benefit of Facebook likes: the more Facebook likes a business has, the higher they will be ranked on Google, it helps spread the word of your business to networks which may have been difficult to reach by the traditional marketing methods of print advertisements or television ads and, it encourages your business's fans to engage with your products and services, offer opinions and communicate.

However there are some things a start-up, or in fact, any business must be careful with in regards to approaching and gathering Facebook likes.

Do you ever Like certain business pages? Do you think a Facebook like will really help a business succeed in the long-run? Are likes a fad? 

To begin with, 100,000 Facebook likes will contribute nothing to a business unless they are engaged Facebook likes. By posting interesting and new content on your Facebook page, you will invite the people who like your business to engage in conversation. These conversations will then disperse across their networks and get more people talking. Without this engagement, you can treat a Facebook like as a customer who walks in the door of your business and then immediately walks back out again.

Another important tip is to make sure that these likes are coming from your targeted business demographic. If you're selling shoes for middle-aged women and your likes are from a bunch of teenagers, then you're not really honing-in on the potential to capture their attention with your latest news, services, promotions or changes. Ways to target your demographic could include posting articles which would interest that particular age group or posting photos of current customers who use your product.

Lastly, don't let your Facebook likes become an obsession. Your ultimate goal should be to ensure the smooth running and ongoing success of your business. Don't fall victim to buying Facebook likes '“ these won't add any value to your business '“ and don't be disheartened if gathering a Facebook following is more difficult than expected. Start with your closest friends and family, post interesting and engaging content and the Likes will appear. 

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