ShowPo visits OneShift HQ

Tuesday 2 June, 2015

We had the pleasure of having Alex Durkin join us at the OneShift HQ on Friday afternoon - Business Development team member at multi-million dollar online fashion retail store ShowPo.


It was an opportunity for the OneShift team to learn more than the ropes in retail, but also about the business behind fellow start-up ShowPo, and even pick up tips on how their marketing, sales and business development teams operate.


The story that led to ShowPo is likely to ignite any entrepreneurial spirit. ShowPo started off in September 2010 as Show Pony in a small garage in Sydney. Jane Lu, CEO of ShowPo, had a dream to provide girls with fun, on-trend and affordable fashion, and thus quit her job working for corporate giant Ernst & Young and built one of today’s leading online fashion retailers ShowPo.


Similar to any start-up, ShowPo has suffered some setbacks. In its early days it trialled some pop-up stores in Sydney CBD, however these relied on foot traffic, whereas online traffic proved to be much more cost-effective and customer-focused.


Like any new business, start-ups are likely to be challenged with setbacks, and the underlying objective is to be honest about these, and move on and learn from them.


The power of social media has been essential in expanding ShowPo – Instagram in particular where - if 600,000 global followers on Instagram is anything to go by - ShowPo is certainly an influencer in its industry.


Despite a small team of 11, ShowPo still place the same importance on culture as we do here at OneShift. Strong internal communications and a solid culture are essential for businesses with an employee base of 40 or 40,000.


Alex’s career with ShowPo began by having experience working in fashion retail roles. The retail industry continues to grow in Western societies and many retail-related jobs often falls outside of the 9-5 model, offering thousands of flexible, casual or part-time roles. If you are inspired by ShowPo’s success story and are looking for a role in retail, or are looking to hire for retail roles visit OneShift at:


You can find out more about ShowPo at:


Heather Doherty

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