Shift to Casual Work

Tuesday 12 March, 2013
Within our living history casual and part-time work has been considered as an inferior form of employment. Genevieve George, Managing Director of OneShift believes that the traditional concept of a 'full-time job' is weakening. With almost 30% of the workforce employed In a casual or part-time basis Australia stands out amongst other first world countries. Driving this shift are growing needs for greater flexibility, increasing numbers of women in the workforce, growth in self employment, more mobile workers and the recognition that one size fits all is no longer the case. OneShift caters to this need by harnessing the third of Australia's workforce looking to balance variety with job security in the casual to permanent part-time market. It is concerning that economic theory suggests a loss in full time work will produce a drop in productivity. OneShift feels that this can be countered by fast, easy and efficient job websites that ensure job seekers are consistently finding employment. This is compounded by the so called 'third age' of Australian workers, as we all begin to live longer and carry on part-time or casual work in what was traditionally considered 'retirement'. All employment carries with it productive value.
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