Rise of the part-timer in Australia

Monday 1 June, 2015

Watch out social media, there’s a new trend in town! New employment statistics for Australia show part-time employment rose by 0.53% in April 2015, compared to a fall of 0.27% in full-time employment. Part-time is more than partly acceptable.


The latest Australian job market review was published by Perform Zone, and although the percentage figures themselves are relatively small they are still significant and show an increasing trend in part-time workers in Australia. 


There is no black and white reason for this, however this is further evidence of a ‘casualisation’ in the Australian job market. These days employees want flexibility and more choice in the hours they work. Today, flexibility in the workplace is more accessible, acceptable and desired, and Australians are taking control of their work-life schedule.


This is the ‘work smart’ era where burning the midnight oil doesn’t make you a martyr, rather completing your job in the hours that suit you proves to be the ‘smarter’ way of working. Breaking the ‘9-5’ model benefits both employer and employee; it creates happier staff who are able to work to a schedule catered to them. In turn, happier staff makes for a happier team and more effective teamwork, and ultimately a healthier working environment all round.


Regionally, New South Wales was a close second to the Northern Territory in having the highest number of job adverts.


The new data also revealed a gentle increase in the number of advertisements placed on Seek, Mycareer and CareerOne since the start of 2015, and most job advertised were for roles in IT, Trades and Admin. OneShift is connected to 430,000 candidates looking for roles across Australia in IT, Trades and Admin as well as other industries including retail, sales and hospitality. You can find out more at: https://oneshiftjobs.com


Heather Doherty

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