Real Excuses For Being Late To Work

Friday 24 October, 2014

Real Excuses For Being Late To Work: OneShift Staff



This morning I was ten minutes late for work. My excuse? I was trapped in the elevator in my apartment building. This is no joke. I stepped into the elevator (as per usual), the doors closed and I pressed “Ground Floor”. Nothing happened. I pressed it harder this time. Nothing. After a few goes of this with no movement, I began to panic and press every single button my elevator has to offer me. And still…zip.


I was lucky to be stuck on the top floor, allowing me one small bar of phone reception to call my brother (or as I now refer to him as my “rescuer”).


As I began my routine walk to work, one of my first thoughts was what if no one at work believes me? What if they think I made it up? It got me thinking. There must be some ridiculous excuses to be late for work that are actually real. So I took a stroll around the OneShift office to find out if anything weird had happened to my colleagues to make them late for work. Here are my published findings.


Real Excuses Why Our Staff Have Been Late To Work:


1. When my daughter was two years old, she had a habit of locking people out of our house. One morning when I was leaving for work, my wife came out to say goodbye. Needless to say, she rang me a few minutes after I had left saying she had been locked out and our daughter was sitting in the living room watching Dora the Explorer.


2. I was sleeping in a super noisy hotel one night (hadn’t quite found a place to live yet), and so I was wearing earplugs to get to sleep. Usually they fall out during the night, but I had woken up in the early hours and put them back in due to the noise. When my alarm went off in the morning, I didn’t hear it. Ended up being two hours late for work! A lovely sleep in.


3. Once I was coming earlier to work after a few days of getting into work late (bus delays). That morning when I thought I was doing well, a police officer stopped me on my way to give me a fee for crossing the street a few seconds before the light turned green for pedestrians! I arrived late and furious.


4. When I was living in London, our bus was severely delayed because a man pulled out a knife on the bus! Luckily, we had a police car behind us!


5. I remember one morning I was dreaming that I was at work and when I eventually woke, I had slept through my alarm and was late for work! Oh, the irony.



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